In the worldwide humanitarian space, Ramro Global reports on a diverse range of current events, issues, people, organizations and largely untold stories—some inspiring, some trenchant—through traditional and emerging media and documentary film. We marshal together strategic partnerships and influencers to secure original and quality non-fiction content and distribute it broadly across multiple media platforms, campaigning the countless manifestations of global humanitarian action.


Ramro Global Ambassador, Adrian Belic, interviews Karma Sherpa during a three-day medical camp in Nepal’s mountainous Solu Khumbu region.

Location: Taksindu, Nepal

Our Mission

Ramro Global seeks to positively impact the human condition through international reporting on both sides of the humanitarian equation—those in need and those who serve—demonstrating the power of compassion on a regional and global scale. We champion, and advocate for, a new international humanitarian proposition; stewardship brings people together, builds alliances, shifts unhealthy, outworn perspectives and engenders goodwill between diverse populations, regions and countries. At Ramro Global, we believe this new humanitarian proposition—turned into action—is a moral imperative in today’s challenging and uncertain times.


Renowned cataract surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Tabin inspects another successful surgery at John Dau’s Lost Boys Clinic.

Location: Duk Payuel, South Sudan


Ramro Global activations take us around the world to where people have limited or virtually no access to basic healthcare or humanitarian services and where international development is needed most. We invest our organizational resources into countries or regions where few people are being served, including remote physical landscapes, kinetic environments and conflict zones or even failed states. Past Ramro Global activations include Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, South Sudan and Nepal.


Mosul parents Ashmaq and Saif with their three-month-old son Sajad after a successful open-heart surgery through the Novick Cardiac Alliance at the Al Kafeel Specialty Hospital.

Location: Karbala, Iraq