Ramro Global™ is an international media organization made up of dedicated journalists, photographers and documentary filmmakers reporting on the key issues, organizations and influencers that define the global humanitarian space. Our correspondents capture important and timely human-interest stories found at the intersection of universal need and global goodwill. With solution-focused storytelling and multi-media platforms, we cover both sides of the humanitarian equation—those in need and those who serve—paying special attention to the current global refugee crisis and internally displaced persons born from conflict zones, natural disasters and climate change.


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Ramro Global covers both sides of the humanitarian equation
— those in need and those who serve —


Humanitarian Aid

Our correspondents spotlight vulnerable and underserved populations around the world. We also highlight visionary humanitarian work that has both regional and international impact—from social entrepreneurs, pioneering healthcare providers and non-profit organizations, to larger NGO’s and international agencies.


Global Refugee Crisis

Ramro Global is currently seeking strategic partnerships to chronicle the worldwide refugee crisis and internally displaced persons born from conflict zones, failed states and climate change. Through our partnerships and responsible reporting, we’re identifying important human-interest stories from the field.

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Disaster Relief

Through our multi-media storytelling platforms we’re broadcasting new and innovative systems of delivering international aid and relief to victims of natural disasters—hurricanes, earthquake and famine—documenting the human condition through operational and institutional excellence.